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POLYTRON Headend Systems
Digital Headend System

With this technology, which enables you to reach countless TVs through a single center, we can now transmit a large number of channels and high-resolution broadcasts.

Headend equipments are produced by German company Polytron all in Germany provide products that prove themselves with good quality and durable products and serve the users for years. The great advantage of the Headend system is that the user can watch them on all their electrical outlets without using any extra equipment for these broadcasts. Less wiring reduces infrastructure costs. Fault and fault condition is reduced. infrastructure systems have been established.

The new POLYTRON QAM Headendler is a modern and compact trans-modulator. DVB-S and DVB-S2 Satellite packets to DVB-C (QAM) signals.
• Provides speed in breakdowns and interventions with its easy-to-program interface.
• The Remote Access feature is built-in, reducing your service costs to a minimum.
Why does POLYTRON prefer?

Polytron, unquestionably accepted as a production philosophy, combines innovative concepts with modern production processes. With rigid quality control inspection, it aims to offer quality to customers at reasonable prices.

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