Factory and Home Automation

With 100% Italian production and engineering services, we are committed to energy savings in the automation service with a zero response delay and a minimum of 20-30% of our building expenditure. The Italian company we have partnered with is the unrivaled position in the sector with 25 years of experience in the sector.

We use with the technology, we are at your service to make life safer, more comfortable and most importantly smart.
With modules and technologies you can have full control over your living space, you can control electrical and electronic devices from your own device or computer system, create scenarios and save energy.


We have services in Asia, America and Africa, including Europe, such as ITALY, FRANCE, BELGIUM, HUNGARY, GERMANY;

• Loreal General Management
• Vodafone Italy
• Pirelli General Directorate
• San Siro Stadium
• Carrefour France / Italy
• Ikea Italy / Shanghai
• Roberto Cavelli
• Marriot Hotels
• Sheraton Hotel
• Bridgestone
• Cartier
• Burberry
• Leroy Merlin


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