General Features of Intercom Systems

1 - Smart-Home Automation System with TCP/IP Monitor​

  • Air Conditioning and Heating Control
  • Curtain/Blinds Control
  • TV Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Elevator Control
  • Locking door fuction with telephone
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Fiber Optik Kablolama

2 - IP Based System with Fiberoptic Cabling​

3 - Sending text messages to monitors at the same time or separately​

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4 - Alarm warnings are recorded in Guard Unit with address of apartments. 

5 - Voice Call between guard units and elevators.​

Monitor çağrıları


6 - Recording pictures of guests,who comes when habitants are not in home. The capacity of recording pictures can be increased up to 800 with J5-IMC module.​

7 - Monitors, which has SD Card support, can be used as Digital Photo Frame. It can be used automatically or manually. In automatic mode, monitor skips the photos in every 5 seconds.​

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