Why we prefer SIP protocol products in our IP products


SIP Protocol is an developing protocol that enables communication between your smartphone and the intercom system. Although it seems like tempting to reach the intercom units through applications on the smart phone, it also brings some security problems. 


Reliability is still being questioned in the technological field today because it is still an developing protocol. Nowadays smart phones are one of the weakest technological tools cyber attack. The best example of this is the fact that many famous people have hacked and leaked their special files on the internet, which took place very soon in an award ceremony.

Therefore, using SIP protocol in intercom systems will cause serious security weaknesses. For example, it can be easy for someone to hack into the phone and open the door.

The language used by the SIP Protocol.It is different from the communication language used by the intercom system. Therefore, when the intercom system is in the processor, it causes uncertain overloads. Since the intercom processor has to translate the language used by the SIP protocol into its own language, it interrupts, interrupts and slows down communication in the intercom system.

In addition to this, some desirable features may not be very useful and may cause the same security vulnerability. For example, the addition of Yandex map and weather features will make it more convenient and easier for people to navigate through the door to see the information they can reach through their mobile phone by sitting at home with applications on their smartphone. In addition, this type of system will cause unpredictable network bandwidth in the network system used by the intercom system and will prevent the functions such as opening the door or door lock on the door from occurring at that moment. This means that when the customer complaint is applied to the technical services and checked, the network bandwidth has returned to normal and the system has to be reported as normal. These issues are crazy, insoluble, malfunctioning design, and everybody hurts. In addition to its usability, it will cause serious security weaknesses as it causes the system to open to the internet environment. It will be exposed to detrimentalsoftware on the Internet.

As Botech Security Systems, our company's basic policy is security. For this reason, most of the requested features do not cause any security weakness, and we do not use the existing intercom system processor, and our efforts to make them with the techniques, software and modules without using the existing network installation have reached a certain size and we plan to upgrade the products in the future. For example;

Site residents can make comments, suggestions and complaints to the management platform via the gateway module which understands the software and the communication language of the intercom system via the Internet in its own department.
The consulting services can also be done via the gateway module which understands the communication language of the intercom system via software in its own department via the cloud systems.
It is strongly recommended 1250 apartments these services be done with the above techniques and methods.

1250 apartment where a block intercom system in the network bandwidth of the internet connection with and only be the exit points for all these services, Internet infrastructure due to the asymmetric structure of Turkey (download speed of considering to do the loading rate is below the rate of ¼) Whatever your maximum upload subscription package If your download speed is 32 Mps, your download speed can not exceed 2048 Kps. It would be inevitable that there will be times when Internet speeds are so intense in our country that it is the only way out of the concierge services via the intercom and the intercom network, and when the services are busy, such as morning hours, evening hours and weekends.

Considering all these negative aspects, we consider the above information as a duty to convey your opinions, considering that you will take necessary precautions by making the necessary changes.

Best our regards

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